Swedish Courses


Past-Tense offers individual and group courses in Swedish for all levels, from beginners to more advanced learners. The courses are all tailored to suit your language needs, social as well as business. Prior to the course starting you will meet with a language consultant where your specific needs will be discussed. This helps us assess your language level and allows us to design a course specifically for you.

Past-Tense uses the internationally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages when assessing language proficiency. This is a 6 level scale (A1-C2).

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Beginners Course (A1+A2)

By the end of this course you will be able to participate more confidently in everyday situations by being able to ask for and provide basic information. Such situations include: meeting new people, shopping, visiting restaurants, etc. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the basics of Swedish grammar and Swedish culture.

Intermediate Course (B1+B2)

This course focuses on improving your ability to express yourself in Swedish and on improving the accuracy of your language skills (reading and writing as well as speaking). You will work with a variety of media including newspapers, simple fiction and radio reports. By the end of this course you will feel more confident taking part in longer discussions.

Advanced Course (C1+C2)

This course aims to take you to the final level of your language studies with the focus being on accuracy. You will work with media designed for native Swedish speakers with the aim of expanding your vocabulary and appreciation of the nuances of the language. You will also work with writing and presenting more complex texts and will therefore study more advanced grammar.



Business Courses (All levels)

You need Swedish primarily for work and to be able to participate in meetings, presentations, negotiations. Business courses are available to learners of all levels and are designed specifically with your workplace in mind. Typical skills practiced include: writing emails, reading and presenting business reports, telephoning, etc.



TISUS Preparatory Course (Advanced)

This course prepares students towards taking the TISUS exam - A Swedish language exam recognised by institutions of higher education. Successful completion of the TISUS exam enables students to pursue academic studies in Sweden. (Click here to learn more about TISUS)

Online Courses

We are also able to offer blended and online language courses which provide greater flexibility and a high quality distance learning solution.